Jul 26, 2010

Grizzly Bear @ Enmore Theatre

So it came to past that Daniel Rossen's guitar radiated out sounds and shapes exceedingly blissful to the human ear. A symphony of joy if you will. Enough to make me want to lie down with his guitar and embrace the myriad expressions that it gives forth. To share the unique and joyous sounds that emanate out. But if truth be told I need everything else. Everything else that makes Grizzly Bear such a special band. The rich voice of Ed Droste, the intelligent drumming of Chris Bear and the four hundred instruments that Chris Taylor brings to the stage. These four men are in sync like few other bands. Every sound is matched perfectly, whether it is a subtle one or a heavy and strident one. Put simply, Grizzly Bear are unearthly at the moment. Superb.

Sunday night at the Enmore Theatre was a victory lap for the men from Brooklyn. In January they played to sold out shows at the Sydney Festival. I went to two and was bedazzled both times. So was a third show within six months necessary. Yes, vitally, undoubtedly. Plus this was a rock show, in a theatre. I love the acoustics of the City Recital Hall, but sometimes it is good to stand and move. Be moved. A definite must see and hear. No doubt. Once again it was naturally "Veckatimest" heavy but the longer show meant it was possible to dig out more older tunes. Such as the stunning "Little Brother" or the sumptuous "Knife". Both great, as was the closing "On A Neck, On A Spit". A big surprise was the even earlier "Showcase", a song that Ed said they hadn't played for three years. They need to remedy that situation, for it was positively radiant. The encore song was an oldie too in the shape of "Fix It", which was fairly thunderous. Of course the latest songs shone fully as well. "Fine For Now", "Ready, Able" and "While You Wait for the Others" all hit the spot. Wait, everything hit the spot. No flat spots, just high points. Grizzly Bear delivered the goods in spades. Sydney embraced this band. We await your return.

Set List
Southern Point
Little Brother
Deep Blue Sea
Fine For Now
Two Weeks
Ready, Able
I Live With You
While You Wait for the Others
On A Neck, On A Spit

Fix It

Support act Here We Go Magic were a great entree. The five piece from Brooklyn delivered a varied, interesting show that was a great display of harmonies and interesting melodies. Their live show also gave us a heavier sound then the one on record. Many songs were extended with long guitar jams that were effective and enjoyable. It was all pretty great but my two favourites would have had to been "Fangela" and Only Pieces".


  • At July 26, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    it enjoyed the show but was so frustrated not to hear so many of my favourite songs such as 'plans', 'all we ask' and 'colorado'(even though i did get to hear some at one of the shows in jan). i thought showcase was a highlight, but even then i would prefered 'deep sea diver'. i'm not hating, but i really didnt get into 'fine for now' or 'i live with you'.


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