Jul 11, 2010

2010; A Quick Look Back In Time, Or How I Became Andronicusised

What? Who are your number one? Yes folks it is not Wolf Parade. Not a magic moment from Canada, but a hurricane from New Jersey. Titus Andronicus, led by the spirit of Patrick Stickles, gave us in 2010 an album of such fierce passion that I could not but consider that "The Monitor" is my number one musical moment in the first half of 2010. To be sure "Expo 86" is not far behind and by year's end it could work its way to the top. But for now consider me well and truly a disciple of the one and only Titus Andronicus. Put it this way. I can't imagine enduring a life that does not contain "The Monitor". But there have plenty of other great moments in 2010. Some surprising, some not. In the live arena I was swept overboard by the return of Pavement. I fell in love with Scott Avett at The Factory. Then way back in January we were truly charmed by the spectacular The Decemberists and the gorgeous Grizzly Bear. Musically there have been some underwhelming moments. Some slight (The Hold Steady, Blitzen Trapper), some medium (Midlake) and some quite large (Band of Horses, Eels). But there have been some pleasant discoveries as well, such as Fang Island and Suckers. All in all, just another step along the magical mystery tour of music. Plus, we still have Panda Bear to look forward to.

Top Ten Albums of 2010 (So far)
1-The Monitor-Titus Andronicus
Staggering. Fierce. Passionate. Angry. Fun. Committed. Ambitious. Incredible. Loud. Epic. Stupendous. Life Changing. Essential.

2-Expo 86-Wolf Parade
Nothing but the best from these four men. An exuberant and exciting album full of the usual detours and heart on sleeve moments.

3-La La Land-Plants And Animals
Severely under rated, this Montreal trio deliver a sumptuous and exotic album that is warm and glowing. Full of ambition and adventure.

4-High Violet-The National
The brooding men from Brooklyn have done it again. Gets better with each and every listen. Berninger's voice is just something else.

They have done better, but it's still a great album. Which is testimony to the enduring greatness that is the soulful Spoon.

6-Teen Dream-Beach House
The album that converted me. Not a fan before, but I love this ethereal and radiant album. Lush and inviting melodies abound.

7-At Echo Lake-Woods
The unique and the esoteric Woods create melodies that just don't quit. In a sane world these songs would be sung by all of us.

8-Together-The New Pornographers
Another chapter in the ever consistent career of this band. Subtle and rewarding music that keeps giving and giving.

9-The Wonder Show Of The World-Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang
If 'Beware' was a misstep, then this album is a mighty return to form for the one and only Will Oldham. Simply beautiful.

10-Forgiveness Rock Record-Broken Social Scene
Not a masterpiece, not consistent. But when it's on, boy is it on. BSS still know how to produce thrilling and glorious moments of Rock.

Honourable Mentions
Paul's Tomb:A Triumph-Frog Eyes
Here's To Taking It Easy-Phosphorescent
The Winter Of Mixed Drinks-Frightened Rabbit
Have One On Me-Joanna Newsom
Wild Smile-Suckers
Gorilla Manor-Local Natives
Brothers-The Black Keys
Fang Island-Fang Island
I Speak Because I Can-Laura Marling
Learning-Perfume Genius

Music to Anticipate...
Blue Giant-Blue Giant
I Heart California-Admiral Radley
The Way Out-The Books
Pink Graffiti-Secret Cities
The Suburbs-Arcade Fire
Public Strain-Women
All We Grow-S. Carey
The Orchard-Ra Ra Riot
Personal Life-The Thermals
Wilderness Heart-Black Mountain
Tidelands-The Moondoggies
Lisbon-The Walkmen
Everything In Between-No Age
Tomboy-Panda Bear


  • At July 12, 2010 , Anonymous James said...

    Awesome round-up Wayne. I'll have to check out many of these records.

    The only thing I'd disagree with is the new Band of Horses record. Whilst I hated it at first, it's really grown on me. Certainly not as fantastic as their first and second records and fairly by the numbers, but it's still so damn enjoyable.


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