Jun 7, 2010

Andrew Cedermark

2010 has seen my love for Titus Andronicus grow to unprecedented levels. No album this year has come close to the searing majesty of "The Monitor". So when I stumbled upon an artist named Andrew Cedermark I was intrigued. You see Andrew is from Glen Rock, New Jersey and was at one time a member of the New Jersey powerhouse before moving south and settling in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over the last couple of years he has self released EPs and cassettes, keeping a fairly low profile. Last year he released a split single on Underwater Peoples and now we are looking forward to his first full length release on the very same label. "Moon Deluxe" will be the name of the album and its release should come in August.

The title track is massively wonderful, a style very similar to the incredible talent of Phil Elverum. Which has to be a good thing.
Listen up and fall in love.

MP3: Moon Deluxe-Andrew Cedermark


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