May 26, 2010

Secret Cities

I would like to tell you about Secret Cities. They are from Fargo, North Dakota and July 27 will see the release of their debut album in "Pink Graffiti". Well, a debut of sorts because the band has been around for quite a while now. MJ Parker and Charlie Gokey have been making music for quite a few years. In fact in 2005 they released an album, "Zurich" under the name of The White Foliage. Shortly after they added drummer Alex Abnos to the fold and proceeded to reconstruct their sound and emerge on Western Vinyl in 2010 for their upcoming album. Their music is an alluring blend of pop and invented sounds. Check out the tunes below and I am sure your appetite for this record will be whetted.

Pink Graffiti Track Listing
1 Pink City
2 Boyfriends
3 Slacker
4 Pink Graffiti pt. 2
5 Wander
6 Color
7 Aw Rats
8 Pink Graffiti pt. 1
9 Vamos A La Playa
10 The End

MP3: Pink Graffiti pt. 1
MP3: Boyfriends


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