Apr 3, 2010

Wolf Parade Name New Album

In an excellent and insightful interview with Pitchfork, Dan Boeckner had revealed that the new Wolf Parade album will be called "Expo 86". "It was a World's Fair that happened in Vancouver in 1986. It's been this thing we all talked about as a band. We all grew up in British Columbia, and we were all at Expo, which lasted about three or four days. It's a weird little thought experiment-- basically, we were all young children at the same big event. I remember Expo 86 was as big as the Olympics were this year in Vancouver. They completely reorganized part of the downtown core, and they built this giant geodesic dome called "Science World". Now it looks completely, totally dated and a product of its time. They built monuments, built rides. It was something I don't think we're going to see in Canada ever again because World's Fairs have fallen out of favor, at least for the Western World."

Dan also sums up perfectly how he sees the Wolf Parade sound. "Maximalism-- like, a kind of wall of counterpoint. There's a lot of melodies going on within the songs. Not just the vocal melodies, but there's an underpinning of drums. At any given time, there's five or six counter-melodies running against each other, with the vocals kind of fighting for supremacy. I mean, if we have a sound, I think that's it." A perfect description.

On Thursday night the band played at Imperial de Quebec in Quebec City, their first show for quite a while.

The set list reveals that they played seven new songs. Reports are that they all went down a treat, but I am still waiting for any videos or recordings to surface. Dante and Dan also played some keyboards to make up for the loss of Hadji Bakara. They also encored with "Kissing The Beehive". The band will do a full North American tour in July, just after the release of the new album. Excited? Yes!!!


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