Mar 2, 2010

Pavement Play Auckland (First Show On Reunion Tour)

Photo via here.

Monday night in Auckland represented the first show for Pavement on their world reunion tour. Next up is Sydney on Thursday night and I am ridiculously excited. Pavement are my favourite band of all time and I was lucky enough to see them in Australia in the early 90s when they visited our shores on three separate occasions. But I never thought I would see them again and somehow I was happy to have these perfect memories of a perfect band. I wondered whether a reformation would spoil those memories. You know, old men doing it for the money. But now I am excited. This is Pavement after all and I believe they will get it right. Do the songs justice. By looking at the set list for the Auckland show we are in for an absolute treat. There has been some conjecture on some of the set list, but after a bit of homework I believe I have the right one. Looks like "Here" was to be played at the end of the encore but they moved it into the main set list, taking out "The Hexx" from the show.

Pavement, Auckland March 1 2010
In The Mouth A Desert
Trigger Cut
Ell Ess Two
Shady Lane
Father To A Sister Of A Thought
Rattled By The Rush
Summer Babe
Kennel District
Silence Kit
Range Life
Stop Breathin
No Life Singed Her
Fight This Generation
Date w/ Ikea
Box Elder
Gold Soundz
Give It A Day
Cut Your Hair

Spit On A Stranger
Conduit For Sale


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