Mar 31, 2010


Allow me to introduce you to Gayngs. They are the brainchild of Minneapolis producer Ryan Olson, a studio collective if you like. Olson enlisted the help of Solid Gold members Adam Hurlburt and Zack Coulter to create an album that was inspired and influenced by the work of 70s pop masters 10cc. His idea grew though, finally enlisting the help of over 25 musicians. These included Joe Westerlund, Brad Cook and Phil Cook from Megafaun, Ivan Howard from The Rosebuds and finally Justin Vernon and Mike Noyce from Bon Iver. Quite a talented collection you could say. Then add on P.O.S., Dessa and countless other talents. Over a dozen people contribute their vocal talents. The album, "Relayted", is due for release on May 11 on Jagjaguwar and judging by the first sounds to reach our ears it should be quite an experience.

Relayted Track Listing
1 The Gaudy Side Of Town
2 The Walker
3 Cry
4 No Swear
5 False Bottom
6 The Beatdown
7 Crystal Rope
8 Spanish Platinum
9 Faded High
10 Ride
11 The Last Prom on Earth

MP3: The Gaudy Side Of Town-Gayngs


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