Mar 15, 2010

Damien Jurado Gives Us Saint Bartlett

This is something to look forward. A new album from Damien Jurado. This American singer songwriter will release "Saint Bartlett" on May 25 on Secretly Canadian. His previous album in "Caught In The Trees" was an excellent effort, so I am very much looking forward to more Jurado magic and honesty. The album was made entirely at Richard Swift's National Freedom studio in Oregon, with only Jurado and Swift performing.

Saint Bartlett Track Listing
1 Cloudy Shoes
2 Arkansas
3 Rachel & Cali
4 Throwing Your Voice
5 Wallingford
6 Pear
7 Kansas City
8 Harborview
9 Kalama
10 The Falling Snow
11 Beacon Hill
12 With Lightning In Your Hands

MP3: Arkansas-Damien Jurado


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