Jan 27, 2010

Dirty Three @ Enmore Theatre

He stood at the crossroads. Hair glistening, beads of sweat dripping from a long and loose beard. He held the violin in the air before he brought it to his side. Gently he then cradled the instrument under his chin and what happened next was electric. Dynamic and dazzling. Piercing and wrought with the emotions of times passed. As he played it felt like fires were being slowly lit behind your eyes. Like the hairs that sit on your neck were slowly standing up and becoming erect. Like nothing else mattered.

Dirty Three assailed and attacked the hot and humid Enmore Theatre on Australia Day. With full and absolute effect. Playing in total their classic album "Ocean Songs" as part of the Don't Look Back Series, we witnessed a band that is ageless and timeless. One of, if not the, greatest bands that this country has ever produced. For close to ninety minutes this band of three men pushed and pulled "Ocean Songs" to places unknown. Places deep and dark, mysterious and playful. It would be possible to break down the evening into sections, into songs. But this was a total experience. It had a starting point and a full stop. With commas and exclaimation points placed strategically through out. Mick Turner was cooly efficient on guitar and Jim White massaged and assaulted a drum kit until it begged for mercy. But it was Warren Ellis who swallowed us whole. He kicked the air, yelped for the love of humanity, sweated an ocean, shredded an innocent violin and reminded us all that there is only one Warren Elllis. That there is a sea above and a sky below, that the lady at the shop might tell us to fuck off, but it doesn't matter because life goes on and is limitless and love ridden. Magical and desolate all in one brief shining moment. I saw "Authentic Celestial Music" and my life, today, is better for the experience.

Set List (for the record)
The Restless Waves
Distant Shore
Authentic Celestial Music
Backwards Voyager
Last Horse On The Sand
Sea Above, Sky Below
Black Tide
Deep Waters
Ends Of The Earth


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