Dec 8, 2009

New Album From Aloha In 2010

When I started this little blog back in 2006, a band came to my attention that I soon grew to love. They were called Aloha and their album of that year, "Some Echoes", would make its way into my top ten albums of that particular year. This band from Ohio made delectable and bewildering melodic pop rock. Stuff that would have you humming the tunes for weeks on end and not ever grow tired of it. Hailing from Ohio and consisting of four members, the band was formed in 1997 and so far have given us four full length albums. Now you can make that number five. On March 9, 2010 Aloha will release "Home Acres", which will contain eleven songs and hopefully be another solid chapter in the band's career.

Polyvinyl Records will be delivering the goods.

Home Acres Track Listing
1 Building A Fire
2 Moonless March
3 Microviolence
4 Searchlight
5 Everything Goes My Way
6 White Wind
7 Cold Storage
8 Blackout
9 Waterwheel
10 I'm In Trouble
11 Ruins


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