Dec 7, 2009

Best Of Australian Music 2009

Recently I contributed to Sean's list (possibly last) of the best of Australian music in 2009. Somehow my number one band was the same as the overall winner. That is, Sydney's finest in Dappled Cities. This year saw the band release "Zounds", an album that I would say is their finest work to date. An impressive effort indeed. But there was plenty of other good music to emerge in 2009, some from established acts. Some from new discoveries. So I give you the list of 20 artists that I thought had the greatest impact on Australian music in the year quickly drawing to a close.

1. Dappled Cities
Released their most mature and best perhaps best work to date. Still the benchmark in Australia for melodic rock.
2. Bridezilla
Their debut album is only a sign of the great things to come. This band will continue to get better and better. A very exciting future.
3. The Middle East
A stunning debut EP; a great and pleasant surprise. Who knew Townsville could produce something this good?
4. Leader Cheetah
The album was good, but live they are getting better at each and every show. Violin was a good addition to their music.
5. Whitley
Their latest album is hugely impressive, displaying an ample and significant growth in songwriting.
6. Dead Letter Chorus
New tunes at various shows indicate that this wonderful live act is on quite an impressive upward curve.
7. Parades
Finally saw them live and was blown away. Great melodies and great guitar work make for an exciting combination.
8. The Crayon Fields
Their latest album was a subtle and rewarding experience.
9. Rat Vs Possum
Saw them open for Handsome Furs in Melbourne. Yes, they are good.
10. Children Collide
2009 saw them come into their own.
11. Kid Sam
12. The Kill Devil Hills
13. Songs
14. Aleks and the Ramps
15. Sarah Blasko
16. Washington
17. The Temper Trap
18. The Paper Scissors
19. Cloud Control
20. The Mess Hall

NB: Having recently purchased the 2009 release by Psuche and being very much impressed, I would find a spot for them somewhere on this list.


  • At December 19, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Intriguing list. Ive gone off to explore some of the names on your list. Thanks !


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