Oct 11, 2009

A Streetcar (Named Surprise)

Saturdays are great. All of them. Only Friday nights are better, because you know Saturday is just around the corner. So, our Saturday wasn't going to involve too much. Except relaxing. Well, we had booked in for the tour of the incredible artwork that is on display at the Sydney Convention Centre. Yes, the Convention Centre. It turns out that when the place was built in 1988, a group of artists were commissioned to paint on some enormous canvases for the walls of the cavernous venue. But most of the public would not know that they are there. Well I certainly didn't. But the Art Gallery of NSW was taking a few selective guided tours of the centre. Three works in particular were sublime. A Brett Whiteley, a John Olsen and a Charles Blackman. All stunning.

So, that made for a pretty nice way to spend Saturday afternoon. Being in the city, it also called for a trip to Red Eye Records and Haigh's for some selective shopping. Then my girl received a call. A good friend of hers had two tickets for A Streetcar Named Desire at the Sydney Theatre Company. There was a sad reason why the tickets were not being used, but we were fortunate enough to have some good luck shine on us. So we headed to The Rocks where we had a quick dinner at Sailors Thai Canteen. Fabulous food, can highly recommend this place. Then onto the theatre, where the incredible Cate Blanchett had us spellbound for over 3 hours. She absolutely and positvely deserves every plaudit she receives. In a world where some talents are vastly over valued, the skill and artistry of Ms Blanchett can never, ever be. She was simply breath taking in a wonderful rendition of the Tennessee Williams classic. As we made our way home and the clock was approaching midnight, we knew this Saturday was one to remember.


  • At October 11, 2009 , Anonymous Sean said...

    We saw this just before we left and you're right...Blanchett is totally spellbinding on stage. Joel Edgerton was fantastic as well.

  • At October 12, 2009 , Anonymous Reem said...

    Call it what you want but I had no idea Cate Blanchett was in the show and just hearing that she is is incredible enough. She is a stellar performer in everything she does and Streetcar is an absolute classic. I will try to get my hands on a copy of the production. Thank you!


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