Oct 14, 2009

Ola Podrida Goes Vinyl

Yes, David Wingo has signed to Western Vinyl and is about to release his second album on the Texas label. Wingo, a Texan native, records as Ola Podrida and his self titled debut album was something pretty special. The man started with home recordings and making film scores, most noticeably for David Gordon Green. "Belly Of The Lion" was actually recorded mostly in Wingo's apartment and the first taste of the album sounds pretty special. "Your Father's Basement" is all hushed beauty and velvety tones. An album to look forward to on November 10.

Belly Of The Lion Track Listing
1 The Closest We Will Ever Be
2 We All Radiant
3 Your Father's Basement
4 Donkey
5 Monday Morning
6 Lakes of Wine
7 Sink or Swim
8 Roomful of Sparrows
9 This Old World

MP3: Your Father's Basement-Ola Podrida


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