Sep 13, 2009

Apple's Acre-Nurses

"Apple's Acre" is a delicious and delightful expression of melody. Inviting and entrancing, this is music to set you free and let you explore the vast template of sound. The cover will give you some idea. Its patchwork quilt indicates a rainbow of sound and the music backs up this idea. Nurses are two men, Aaron Chapman and John Bowers. Originally from Idaho, where some of the album was recorded, they are now based in Portland, Oregon, where it was completed. This is their second album and their first on Dead Oceans. It won't be the last!

"Apple's Acre" overflows with melody, featuring off kilter and high pitched vocals, there is something hypnotic about the music. Opening song "Technicolor" ably displays this. Sweet piano combines with some low bass and syncopated drumming to deliver some gorgeous pop goodness. "Mile After Mile" continues the theme with some delightful percussion, but it is the third track that truly elevates. "Caterpillar Playground" is a shining moment in music, a drop dead melodic gem. The opening percussion resembles whistling, that will bury itself deep in your head. The song also displays a certain sense of melancholy, always a good thing in my book. But there is more on offer. "Man At Arms" is all flowing rhythms with a chorus designed to kill. There is a definite sense of playfulness on this album, with many of the songs rolling with effortless grace. The title track is a fine example of this. Many of the songs jump and roll all over the place, giving extra satisfaction on every listen. This is music that is extremely catchy, but also gives the feeling of staying power. Second last track "Lita" being a prime example, an incessant drum beat and some lovely piano, plus a heavenly chorus are simply irresistible. Please find "Apple's Acre". It will give you countless hours of pleasure.

MP3: Caterpillar Playground-Nurses


  • At September 14, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Do you know anything about their first album? I can't see to find anything on the internet

  • At September 14, 2009 , Blogger Wayne said...

    I found a link here-

    I have ordered the CD today!


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