Aug 4, 2009

Port O'Brien Return With New Album in October

A severe disappointment of my gig going earlier this year was missing the wonderful Port O'Brien in concert. In Australia for the Laneway Festival, their sideshow clashed with that of The Hold Steady. The Hold Steady were always going to win that battle. The consolation was going to be seeing them at Laneway, but work got in the way and I couldn't attend. But here is the good news. Port O'Brien are releasing a new album in October. "Threadbare" is the name and it contains 13 tunes. Recording was started in Jason Quever's (Papercuts) living room in San Francisco, before moving to the Ship Studios in Los Angeles for completion.

"Threadbare" will be released on TBD Records on October 6.
Dew Process will be handling the Australian release.

Threadbare Track Listing
1 High Without the Hope 3
2 My Will Is Good
3 Oslo Campfire
4 In the Meantime
5 Tree Bones
6 Sour Milk / Salt Water
7 Threadbare
8 Calm Me Down
9 Leap Year
10 Next Season
11 (((Darkness Visible)))
12 Love Me Through
13 High Without the Hope 72

MP3: Sour Milk / Salt Water


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