Aug 20, 2009

Do, Make, Say, Think (repeat)

It only contains four songs. Do. Make. Say Think. That will be enough, I think. Enough for Do Make Say Think to make their substantial imprint on the world of music again. Their previous album "You, You're A History In Rust" was a major work. A statement of art. To the extreme. So naturally I was excited to learn news of a new album. "Other Truths" will be released on October 20 on Constellation Records. Containing 4 songs, 3 of which clock in at over 10 minutes, it is sure to be a thing of wonder. They have also enlisted the voices of Akron/Family and Lullabye Arkestra on the some of the music, another bonus. "Other Truths" was recorded at Giant Studios and Th'Schvitz in Toronto.

Other Truths Track Listing
1 Do
2 Make
3 Say
4 Think

Listen here for a sample of the album.


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