Jul 23, 2009

These Four Walls-We Were Promised Jetpacks

"These Four Walls", the debut album from Edinburgh four piece We Were Promised Jetpacks is a strong and robust effort. Exciting, enjoyable and downright catchy. Yes, that is what it is especially. Catchy. Now that is not slight praise. For the ability of any song to stay trapped in your brain gives immense kudos to said song. Truly, if the song that is trapped gives you pleasure then it has achieved its aim. "These Four Walls" is chock full of tunes that are designed to stay with you for days. Now, this is not music that is overly complicated. Nor incredibly innovative. This is music that is true, direct and honest. Strong and forthright. Oh yes, did I mention that it was catchy.

Scotland is bringing us much goodness of late. Especially in the case of those Glaswegians Frightened Rabbit. We Were Promised Jetpacks do follow a similiar path. Songs of heart and aching passion, thunderous guitar and frenetic drumming. Oh, and that loveable Scottish brogue. But, We Were Promised Jetpacks are their own men. Creating their own path. Plus, they are probably a little edgier then the Rabbits, although that band still has the edge in creating memorable melodies. So, the man in front is Adam Thompson, who also is the chief songwriter. His voice is a huge wrecking ball, full of grace and power and complete urgency. Which is wonderfully illustrated on the superb opener "It's Thunder and It's Lightning", a rollicking tune that is full of angst and sorrow. A great start. Another highlight is the single "Quiet Little Voices", a thumping track consumed by anger. There are quieter moments too. "This Is My House, This Is My Home" is soft and lilting, before it bursts out of its shell in the closing stanza. Also, enjoyable are "Roll Up Your Sleeves" and "Moving Clocks Run Slow". A couple of tracks do feel a little formulaic and sometimes you wish for a little more variation. But overall this is a solid and enjoyable debut. This is music created from the heart and is full of conviction. I await with interest where these boys take us next.


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