Jul 15, 2009

No One's First, and You're Next

Modest Mouse are back. With something new, well sort of. August 4 will see the release of a new EP in the shape of "No One's First, and You're Next". This eight song release is a collection of B-Sides culled from the making of their last two albums. They have been releasing songs over the last 3 months on limited edition special 7" singles, but now all of these songs can and will be found on the one CD release. Happy days!

No One's First, and You're Next Track Listing
1 Satellite Skin
2 Guilty Cocker Spaniels
3 Autumn Beds
4 The Whale Song
5 Perpetual Motion Machine
6 History Sticks To Your Feet
7 King Rat
8 I've Got It All (Most)

MP3: The Whale Song-Modest Mouse


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