Jul 2, 2009

The Dodos Get Set To Die (Not Literally)

Categorically and without doubt, The Dodos released one of the finest albums of 2008. "Visiter" was fresh and invigorating. An explosive and dynamic piece of music. The good news is we have a new album waiting in the wings. "Time To Die" will be released on Frenchkiss Records on September 15. Containing 9 tracks, the album was produced by Phil Ek. The band is also now a proper threesome with the permanent addition of Keaton Snyder.
“After Visiter, we had a lot of options for which direction to go,” says Meric Long, “But I knew we wanted to make a rock record. Being an acoustic band—primarily, at least—sort of works against this idea, but Phil’s production showcased that side of our band.”

Time To Die Tracklisting
1 Small Deaths
2 Longform
3 Fables
4 The Strums
5 This Is A Business
6 Two Medicines
7 Troll Nacht
8 Acorn Factory
9 Time To Die


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