Jul 9, 2009


Chet are Canadian. They are from British Columbia. They have been around for a little while now, releasing 3 albums that quite possibly have escaped your attention. Well now, please pay attention. The band will be releasing their new album on Absolutely Kosher on September 15. "Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home" contains 7 songs and was recorded in a barn in Saanich. The band is led by Frog Eyes guitarist Ryan Beattie (he also records as Himalayan Bear) and his brother Patrick. They actually now number six, this photo was taken in 2007, but I loved it so I am using it here. Apparently it was taken near Kelowna, btw.

But I digress, Chet's music is complex and quite beautiful. Beattie's voice is unique and naturally emotive. Please mark September 15 in your diary.

MP3: The Night The Night-Chet


  • At July 09, 2009 , Anonymous Sean said...

    I saw these guys open for Arcade Fire in 2004 in Vancouver. They didn't really do much for me then...and I've totally forgotten about them since. Will have to check this out.


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