Jun 16, 2009

There Is More Built To Spill: There Is No Enemy

If I was to make a list of my favourite all time bands (pre the Krugian era, that is), then Idaho's Built To Spill would right near the very top. If not at the very top. Their mix of strident guitars and Doug Martsch's vocals made a permanent indent in my heart. In fact "Perfect From Now On" would easily find a spot in my top ten albums of all time, not to mention their other classic releases. Even though their latest album, "You In Reverse", was not a classic, I am still excited by news of a new album. "There Is No Enemy" will be released in October, the band's seventh studio album. To quote Doug, "On the last record, a lot of the material was built on jamming. But, for this one, I wrote most of the songs and brought them to the band. Still, we're trying to make it sound like a continuation of what the last record was, as far as sounding like a live band with little sounds coming in and out. Most of the songs are five or six minutes long-- maybe a couple of seven, eight minute-ers. And a couple two, three minute ones."

Full details to come in due course.


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