Jun 13, 2009

Sunset Rubdown:Live At The Middle East, Boston; Nightingale/December Song

Yeah, then music stood still. Stood still to witness the greatness that is Spencer Krug. Conversely the greatness that is Sunset Rubdown. Thursday night in Boston they played the Middle East, the first night on their month long North American tour. Here is the closing song "Nightingale/December Song", apparently the first time they have played this song live. My god, I can't wait until they get to practice it a bit! The drumming is phenomenal here, augmented by members of support act Elfin Saddle. There has been an ongoing debate on Stereogum about album of the year so far. Plenty of votes for "Veckatimest", which I endorse strongly. But we all know come June 23 who the leader in the clubhouse will be. "Dragonslayer"!!!!

Set List for Middle East Show, June 11
The Empty Threats Of Little Lord
Idiot Heart
Black Swan
The Taming Of The Hands That Came Back To Life
Silver Moons
Coming To At Dawn
Yo Go On Ahead
Paper Lace
Winged/Wicked Things
Snakes Got A Leg
Dragon's Lair
Nightingale/December Song

Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!
The Mending Of The Gown

In other news, Dan Boeckner was interviewed in the Los Angeles Times recently. He revealed that Wolf Parade will be going into the studio in November to record a new album. Happy Days!


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