Jun 7, 2009

The Middle East @ The Factory

Write this name down, that's if you haven't already. The Middle East. Damn good. Extremely good. A new blazing talent on the Australian music scene. Saturday night they played at The Factory in Enmore and they were iridescent. Original. Wonderful. The band from Townsville numbered seven and their music was a rich and varied tapestry. Incorporating many styles, they have a sound which is hard to pin down, which has to be a good thing. They opened with a semi country jaunt, complete with banjo, before going into songs that were atmospheric and ethereal. "Lonely" was one, which developed into quite a loud and ferocious jam. The set was relatively short, just under an hour, but it was magical and hugely rewarding. They create gorgeous harmonies with two male leads and one female, but basically everyone takes part creating an aural assault. Probable highlight was the heartbreaking "The Darkest Side", a tender and moving ode. Also great was the uplifting "Blood" which was received with great rapture. This prompted a short encore that featured two songs that I didn't know. One might have been a cover, but they were both great. This was a special night with a great new talent. As said, their music is genreless and original, with instruments flowing in all directions and styles. See this band when you can, soon, you won't be disappointed.

The only disappointment on the night, well besides the dreary support that was Grand Salvo, was the obnoxious crowd. Well, that is the audience standing at the back of the room that seemed more interested in themsleves than the music on display. I think a combination of cheap tickets, only $20, and a bar in close proximity seem to be a recipe for disaster. Too many casual 'fans' spoiling the occasion for those there for the music.
Oh well, an ongoing concern...


  • At June 07, 2009 , Anonymous Ad said...

    Couldn't agree more. Just got back from seeing them at the Clarendon, amazing show. Wish you had experienced them up here with a crowd that clearly appreciated their talent. Leader Cheetah's support slot was brilliant too, worth seeing soon if you haven't. The sublime combination of vocalists make The Middle East impossible to miss.


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