Jun 24, 2009

Dragonslayer-Sunset Rubdown

If one man can make this sort of music, then, well, let's be grateful.
Let's be happy and full of good humour.
For this is truly a moment in music to celebrate.

Let's celebrate then...
"Gone are the days bonfires make me think of you.
Looks like the prophecy came true.
You are a fallen tree; he is a fallen tree.
How old are you? No, how old are you?"

Growing old, remembrance of things past, loss, forgiveness. Achingly beautiful, impossible to forget. A perfect blend of voice and sound.

"If I found you in this city.
And called it paradise.
I’d say I love you but I hate this city.
And I’m no prize."

Impending doom, uncertainty, vanity leading to destruction. A thunderbolt living inside a headrush. Drumming is extraordinary.

"My god I miss the the way we used to be.
So here's a photograph for you to hold.
It's my picture before I got old.
It's a picture of a buffalo."

Change, sadness, loss of innocence, wishing for the past. Melody brought down from somewhere that we CAN NOT reach. Oh, sweetness.

"You've got mascara all over your bedsheets.
You've got mascara all over your clothes.
You've got mascara making broken heart shapes on your face.
And you have yet to see the ghost."

Impossibly unrequited love, pain, unbearable pain. The new sound, guitars shredded and shed to the four winds. Fairly rocking, yes.

"And paper burns.
And paper fades.
And paper crumples into ugly shapes."

Forgetting the past, living in the present, remembrance of life that is good. The sweet moment, pop wonder. Maybe Swan Lake did it better...

"And if there are two eyes in my head, there are four seasons in a year.
And reflections on the water of a burning yellow sphere.
And the days add up to weeks, add up to months. And add up."

Love never ending, undying devotion, patience. Purely wonderful in that Krugian way. Metaphor used in his unique way. Poetic.

"Like all fireworks and all sunsets.
We all burn in different ways.
You are a vast explosion and I am the embers."

Longing, patience, admiration from afar. Rhythmical, driving, completely intoxicating. These sounds are completely and totally compelling.

"I see your face when I close my eyes.
I see the muscles in your legs from the way you always rise.
To the occasion of catching things that fall
like the statuettes on pedestals I tend to build too tall."

Blind ambition, desperation for love, submission, compliance. Epic is too small a word here. Ten minutes seems far too short. Giving of life.

"Dragonslayer" was laid down rocking. Straight to the floor. Raw, uncompromising. Guitar heavy and yet so melodic it will make your head spin. It is meant to be discovered over and over again. It deals with love and love lost. Sometimes love never gained, often wishing for a past that may never return. If the music wasn't so uplifting this would be sadness in the extreme. This is the beauty of Sunset Rubdown. Pain sits side by side with joy. If you thought, somehow, that your music library was complete, well think again.


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