Jun 2, 2009

Brent Knopf Is Ramona Falls

Hanging out for the next Menomena album? So am I. Well, how about music from a member of that celebrated Portland trio to fill the gap. Brent Knopf has called his creation Ramona Falls, named for a popular hiking trail on Mt Hood, Oregon. The debut album is called "Intuit" and contains 11 tracks. It was written and performed by Brent, with help from a multitude of friends including members of The Helio Sequence, Mirah, Loch Lomond, Talkdemonic, etc. "Intuit" will be released on August 18 on Barsuk.
You can listen to a couple of tracks streaming here.

Intuit Track Listing
1 Melectric
2 I Say Fever
3 Clover
4 Russia
5 Going Once, Going Twice
6 Salt Sack
7 Boy Ant
8 Always Right
9 The Darkest Day
10 Bellyfulla
11 Diamond Shovel


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