May 28, 2009

More Mountainous Goodness From Vancouver: Infinite Light

This Vancouver collective sure is talented. Firstly we have had the pounding rock of Black Mountain, then just this month we received the newest album from Pink Mountaintops. By the way, "Outside Love" is pretty damn great. Now we have the second album from Lightning Dust to look forward to. "Infinite Light" is to be released on Jagjaguwar on August 4. It contains 10 tracks and its release sees the continuation of the partnership of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells (both of Black Mountain). Their first album, self titled, was a hidden gem of 2007. It was modest and subtle, containing a quiet beauty. Judging by "I Knew" we can expect more of the same hopefully. This song is short and sweet, full of joyous melody.

MP3: I Knew-Lightning Dust

Infinite Light Track Listing
1 Antonia Jane
2 I Knew
3 Dreamer
4 The Times
5 Never Seen
6 History
7 Honest Man
8 Waiting On The Sun To Rise
9 Wondering What Everyone Knows
10 Take It Home


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