May 15, 2009


If you purchased "Bury The Square" in 2007 then you will surely know that Megafaun are force to be reckoned with. That excellent piece of music was full of honesty, harmony and true originality. The band consists of brothers Brad and Phil Cook, plus Joe Westerlund. Originally from Wisconsin, they used to call Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) a fellow band member, before resurrecting themselves as Megafaun in the state of North Carolina.

Now Megafaun return with their second album in the shape of "Gather, Form & Fly". It will be released on July 21 on Hometapes. I have a preview of a new track from the album. "The Fade" is awash with lazy harmonies and glorious melody. Enough to get me excited for the new album.

MP3: The Fade-Megafaun


  • At May 16, 2009 , Blogger Cole said...

    I saw them open for Akron/Family a few years ago. It was right after A/F had become a threesome. So all the guys from Megafaun, after playing their opening set, played with A/F for their entire 2 1/2 hour set too. It must have been an exhausting tour.


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