Apr 7, 2009

Dan Auerbach @ The Basement

'Twas a night for beards. And loudness. And greatness. Fun. Yes, it was. I have seen the might of The Black Keys in concert a couple of times and so a night with their singer Dan Auerbach was one to look forward to. Monday night at The Basement I was not to be disappointed. In fact it was exhilarating. Robust, strong. Soulful. Dan Auerbach is pure Rock and Roll. Pure energy. Pure passion and excitement. I left satisfied.

Firstly, his solo album is very good. Although it doesn't sound unlike a Black Keys effort, it is nonetheless a solid, well made album. Full of that burning fire that we come to expect from Mr Auerbach. So, with a 'solo' tour I was expecting Dan in singular. Turns out he played with a full band. Texas band Hacienda to be exact. This foursome also acted as his support act and they were pretty good. Full of passion and energy, if not exactly very original. But what a backing band. They nailed it, playing tightly and swiftly. As an added bonus we had the one and only Patrick Hallahan from My Morning Jacket as an extra drummer and percussionist. This man lives in Drum City. He is quite a phenomenon. But it was Dan who was the leading light. He played just about everything off his new album, with a few well chosen covers thrown in. The man can wield an axe, his fingers burning the fret as he extracts chords that ring in our ears. Then there is his voice. Husky, smoky, completely earnest. It's truly one to be enraptured with. Highlights were the soulful opener "Trouble Weighs A Ton", the fiery "My Last Mistake", the thumping "Street Walkin" and the desolate "Heartbroken, In Disrepair". Well, that's just for starters. How about the brilliant "Whispered Words" or the slow burning "Keep It Hid". I also loved hearing Dan go solo with "Goin' Home" in the encore. I think though that the song that had me spinning was a cover. "Inside Looking Out", by The Animals tore the roof off. It was power times a thousand. Ferocious and incendiary. Which the whole show was. Totally. My only complaint was the sound. It was fine in the mix. But damn it was loud. Well, louder then most Basement shows. But hey, to have Dan Auerbach still ringing in my ears the following day ain't the worse thing that could happen.

Set List
Trouble Weighs A Ton
I Want Some More
The Prowl
When I Left The Room
My Last Mistake
Mean Monsoon
Oh Carol, I'm So Sad (Rocking Horse cover)
Real Desire
Money & Trouble
Street Walkin'
When The Night Comes
Whispered Words
Heartbroken, In Disrepair
Keep It Hid
Inside Looking Out (The Animals cover)

Goin' Home
Hidden Charms? (Willie Dixon cover)


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