Apr 10, 2009


Were The Unicorns good for you? Did that Montreal band's brand of skewered and melodic pop do it for you? Well then you might like Clues. Clues are the creation of former Unicorn Alden Penner and Brendan Reed. In formation for over a year, they now have a debut album ready to be unleashed. May 19 to be exact. On the always wonderful Constellation Records. The self titled release is eleven tracks strong and those songs that I have heard are quite outstanding. Rich and fulsome, exciting and extremely melodic. Trust me, this is going to be a standout album of 2009. No question.

Clues Track Listing
1 Haarp
2 Remember Severed Head
3 Approach The Throne
4 In The Dream
5 You Have My Eyes Now
6 Perfect Fit
7 Elope
8 Cave Mouth
9 Crows
1o Ledmonton
11 Lets Get Strong

MP3: Perfect Fit
MP3: Remember Severed Head


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