Mar 3, 2009

iTunes Meme

This idea I took from Amanda. I thought it seemed like a good idea.
So here goes nothing.

In iTunes
Number Of Songs: 14020
Number Of Albums:1273
Most Recently Played Song: Jimmy Joe Roche-Dan Deacon
Most Played Song: Call It A Ritual-Wolf Parade
Most Recently Added Album: 200 Million Thousand-Black Lips
First Song Alphabetically: 'A' Bomb in Wardour Street-The Jam
Last Song Alphabetically: Zurich Is Stained-Pavement
Smallest Song Numerically: 1% Of One-Stephen Malkmus
Largest Song Numerically: 1,000,000 Died To Make This Sound-A Silver Mt Zion
Shortest Song: Outro-Rilo Kiley (0:04)
Longest Song: Behind Your Trouble-Eluvium (33:19)
First Album Alphabetically: A.M.-Wilco
Last Album Alphabetically: Zopilote Machine-The Mountain Goats
First Band Alphabetically: Akron/Family
Last Band Alphabetically: Zookeeper

First Ten Songs That Pop Up On Shuffle
Alanson, Crooked River-Sufjan Stevens
Notorious Lightning-Destroyer
Vision Bell-Dappled Cities Fly
Tears Are Cool-Teenage Fanclub
Whispered Words-Dan Auerbach
Lord-Langhorne Slim
Blistered Heart-Badly Drawn Boy
Hold Hands And Fight-The Rosebuds
Stetson Kennedy-Billy Bragg & Wilco

If you feel like copying this exercise, by all means please do.


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