Mar 16, 2009

Apostle Of Hustle; New Album in May

More Canadian goodness is on the way. On May 19 Arts and Crafts will release the new album from Apostle Of Hustle, the band that belongs to Andrew Whiteman, he of Broken Social Scene fame. This is the band's third release, following on from two very strong albums. The album is called "Eats Darkness" and contains 13 tracks.

To quote the man-"Eats Darkness is a serial poem about some struggles people go through. Battles, from the macro to the micro. Songs about tactics and attitudes needed in 'life during wartime'. Each track is like tapas at the banquet of conflict. A small contribution to the articulation of a fucked and beautiful world."– Andrew Whiteman.

Eats Darkness Track Listing
1 Snakes
2 Eazy Speaks
3 Soul Unwind
4 Sign
5 Perfect Fit
6 Xerses
7 What Are You Talking About?
8 Whistle In The Fog
9 Eats Darkness
10 Return To Sender
11 How To Defeat A More Powerful Enemy
12 Nobody Bought It
13 Blackberry

MP3: Perfect Fit


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