Feb 19, 2009

A Hand At Dusk-Swan Lake

These beautiful creatures. These fine men of song. Yes, they have done it again. If "Beast Moans" was a wondrous, intoxicating creature, full of fire and strangeness, then "Enemy Mine" is a deleactable stroll through the minds of genius and oddity. Yes, "Enemy Mine" is outstanding. Seamless and beautiful. Strange and hypnotic. Now, we have a song to share with you. "A Hand At Dusk" is Spencer's song. Six minutes of solemn beauty overlaying a gorgeous piano line. As an added bonus, we receive the voice of Carey Mercer at the end of the song. Full of doom and import, his voice adds an extra touch to this special song. Just so you know, Carey Mercer is in career best form on this album. Yes, this album is good.

MP3: A Hand At Dusk-Swan Lake


  • At February 25, 2009 , Blogger Bill said...

    I agree that Carey is great on this album, better than I've heard him. I prefer "Settle on Your Skin" to "A Hand at Dusk" but that's just picking nits. Obviously, everything Spencer writes is brilliant. "Heartswarm" and "Warlock Psychologist" are my two early fave tracks (shockingly, neither by Spencer!) but I think all 9 songs are great and that's a pretty rare thing for any album by anyone. Just a great job all around.


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