Jan 28, 2009

Belle Orchestre To Release Second Album In March

More goodness from Canada. On March 10 Belle Orchestre will release their second album. "As Seen Through Windows" is being released by the always good Arts And Crafts label and contains 9 tracks in total. This sextet from Montreal plies in lush instrumentals and their debut album "A Tape The Colour Of Light" was a highlight of 2005. For those not in the know Belle Orchestre can count Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry and Sarah Neufeld among its members.

As Seen Through Windows Tracklisting
1 Stripes
2 Elephants
3 Icicles/Bicycles
4 Water/Light/Shifts
5 Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
6 As Seen Through Windows
7 The Gaze
8 Dark Lights
9 Air Lines/Land Lines


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