Dec 4, 2008

Neko Case Reveals Middle Cyclone Album Art; Or Wayne Gets Very Excited

2009 just got a whole lot better. Neko Case, that paragon of voice, will be releasing her new album on March, 3 on Anti-. "Middle Cyclone" is the name and we now have the album art. Whereas 2006's "Fox Confessor Brings The Flood" was lyrical and beguiling, this cover is striking and dazzling. Holy cow, that's Neko brandishing a sword on top of a muscle car!
Bring on "Middle Cyclone".
Middle Cyclone Track Listing
1. This Tornado Loves You
2. The Next Time You Say Forever
3. People Got A Lotta Nerve
4. Polar Nettles
5. Vengeance Is Sleeping
6. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
7. Middle Cyclone
8. Fever
9. Magpie To The Morning
10. I'm An Animal
11. Prison Girls
12. Don't Forget Me
13. The Pharaohs
14. Red Tide
15. Marais La Nuit


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