Dec 1, 2008

Best Of Australian Music 2008

It was the eyes. Staring with fervour and excitement. A Baseball gig is like no other. So, therefore Baseball (the band) was my favourite Australian music act of 2008. I think, in terms of releases, 2007 was perhaps a better year. But 2008 saw some fine Australian music released and also output on stage. Sean recently compiled from various tastemakers a list of Australia's best in 2008. To which I contributed. Here is my effort.
Note: In my haste I neglected Charge Group from that list.
So, they appear here.

1. Baseball
Not only did they release the best Australian album of 2008, but they are truly sensational live. "Animal Kingdom" is a throbbing wash of sounds and collisions. Then to see them live is an experience not to be missed.
Their album was unsettling, disturbing, brilliant in parts. Just like their live shows. Let's hope they return to our shores soon.
My favourite band to see live in Sydney. Always fun and engaging. Their debut album shows a lot of promise too.
4. Bridezilla
Believe the hype. These youngsters are extremely talented.
They seem here for the long haul.
6. Pivot
Signed the big deal and grew a much deserved audience.
7. Charge Group
"Escaping Mankind" is a beautifully rendered album.
8. Theredsunband
"The Shiralee" flew under the radar. Why?
9. Seagull
Saw them live and was blown away. Their album was great too.
10. The Panics
2007 was a triumph. 2008 was a victory lap.


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