Nov 27, 2008

Missiles-The Dears

It begins with one note. Held, for a while. Before evolving into something majestic and serene. For this is the new Dears album. Majestic and serene, is perhaps the best way to describe it. This is also a new beginning for The Dears. A new label (Dangerbird Records) and a new band. Save for singer/writer Murray Lightburn and his wife Natalia Yanchak, all the band members are new. But intrinsically this still sounds like a Dears record, although a more contemplative and understated one. Then, perhaps, it might also be the best work this Montreal band have ever done.

"Disclaimer", the starter, is a dreamy number that collides synths and horns before jazzily moving its way along. "Dream Job" then allows Lightburn to bring that low burning voice of his. It's a glorious thing, you know. He croons lazily and menacingly to a background of careful keyboards, thudding bass and distinct drumming. "Money Babies" is a definite highlight. It rocks back and forth, crackling and snapping as the layers build and envelope the sound. Static sits next to snarly rhythms on this thumping song. Moments, you know, moments. Moments make the greatest songs and Dears songs always contain them. Parcels of passion perfect for shouting along to at gigs or rocking your head back and forth on the iPod. "Money Babies" has one at 3.00, when Lightburn goes falsetto. The biggest one on the album though sits on the glorious "Demons". This song is pretty special anyway, its pulsating rhythm driving the song with purpose. But at 2.57 it soars into the stratosphere, shattering ceilings along the way. Another cornerstone of this album is the mini-epic "Lights Off", which combines earthy vocals and guitar pyrotechnics with great surety. "Crisis 1 & 2" is another standout with Yanchak lending her ethereal vocals to this sultry song. I think the only false step on this album is probably the title track. But apart from that, "Missiles" is an intelligent, sophisticated piece of music. Forceful, yet understated. It is lush and expansive. Intriguing and very rewarding.


  • At November 28, 2008 , Anonymous Ad said...

    Awesome. This one is at the top of my "must buy" list. 'Gang of Losers' was a brilliant album, can't wait to hear where they have gone next on the musical journey.


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