Nov 23, 2008

Hospital Ships & Dreamend

A little while back I wrote about Hospital Ships, the work of Jordan Geiger, the man behind the beautiful music of Minus Story. His debut album "Oh, Ramona" was released in October and after a good dose of considerable listening I have reached this conclusion. The album is very good. Put it this way. If you like Minus Story you will surely like Hospital Ships. It's full of the same flavour of quietly beautiful, heartfelt, skewered pop. Geiger's voice is a real charmer. It's light and airy, mysterious and kinda hypnotic. The musical style is well displayed on the short and sweet opener "Bitter Radio Single". In fact, many of the songs are on the short side. Sweet little shots of off kilter pop. Although pop with a considerable amount of heart and soul and truth. Other highlights on this wondrous album are the gorgeous piano led "I Do Not Understand", the melodic "The Shots I Drank" and the fragile "Girls". This certain to be under rated album is now available from the Chicago based label Graveface Records.

Also out on Graveface is the new album from Dreamend, which is the main musical output of the owner of the record label. This album, "The Long Forgotten Friend", also mines a somewhat similar musical field, although it inhabits a dreamier world of ethereal vocals and chiming guitars. The epic second song "If Only For A Day" features some of that glistening, shimmering guitar work we normally associate with Broken Social Scene. "Are You Waking" is a gorgeous psychedelic journey, whilst "Your Kiss" is an eerie journey well worth taking. Dreamend have created an album of great quality, well worth investigating. You won't be disappointed.

MP3: Are You Waking-Dreamend
MP3: Bitter Radio Single-Hospital Ships


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