Nov 2, 2008

Dead Letter Chorus @ Annandale Hotel

I think Saturday night was perhaps the fifth time I have seen Dead Letter Chorus in the last year or so. Each time has been a fun and exciting experience and the best thing is, I do believe each show has been even better then the previous. This Sydney band has always had the enthusiasm and joy thing down pat, but there is no doubt that their songwriting has grown in strength and stature. Their new songs are more complex and profound, showing a talent to be reckoned with. The Annandale Hotel was the setting for the launch of their recently released debut album "The August Magnificent" and it was a great success.

Not only are the songs on the debut album more complex and structured, but they display more potentcy and power. Not that Dead Letter Chorus are turning into Metallica, but their sound is more encompassing of all genres. A touch of rock, a splash of folk, a dash of country. Sweet ballads sit comfortably next to hard rockers. The opening song of the night, also the album opener, was "The Peaceful Sleep Of Death" and this was hugely impressive. A song that built and built before exploding spectacularly, a great way to start the night. Other highlights were the always popular "Magnolia Farm", which is just so catchy, the gorgeous country like "Chasing Hearts" and the atmospheric "Fight The Morning". Which is one of a growing number of songs that features the beautiful vocals of Gabrielle Huber. She also sang the petite "Sally In Red", an older number still great to hear live. The other members of the band were just great too, playing with enormous amounts of passion and joy, plus a high level of skill and elan. Especially lead man Cameron Potts, whose voice seems to improve with time and experience. His voice is quite a weapon, never better exemplified then on the thunder born "11th Dream About Aeroplanes". I just love this song. My other favourite song of the night was the closer "Silly Little Man/Kill The King". This song just blew me away completely. The new album is worth it just for this song alone.

After a brief break, the band returned for their encore. Gabby took the lead again on the Springsteen classic "Dancing In The Dark". They really do this great song enormous justice. Then they finished the night off with, appropriately, the album closer "Fathers and Daughters". A powerhouse song, augmented by a mass singalong with the other support bands on the night. A great way to end a fun night. I recommend you go and buy "The August Magnificent", then go see this band live. You won't be disappointed.


  • At November 03, 2008 , Anonymous ad said...

    Summed it up perfectly Wayne. Great show by a band that continues to grow with every gig. The album is amazing too.


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