Nov 18, 2008

The Antlers

Good music, peoples. Good music. I recently came to the music of The Antlers and it is very good. Very good. The Antlers are from Brooklyn and was originally the project of Peter Silberman, before expanding to a band of four. Their music could be described as ambient, eclectic, orchestral, lush and all together gorgeous. They have been around for a while, so I am late to the party. But in brief, they have self released 3 small EPS and an LP. In 2007 Fall Records released their latest LP "In the Attic of the Universe", which scored many favourable reviews. Their ethereal, yet melodic approach drew comparisons to Eluvium, My Bloody Valentine, Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear. Now the band are getting close to releasing their new album. "Hospice" hopefully will see the light of day sometime in early 2009. The band have made available a song. "Two", which is just gorgeous. Fragile and hypnotic, it builds and builds before exploding into delight. Please enjoy and stay tuned.

MP3: Two-The Antlers


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