Oct 14, 2008

Furr-Blitzen Trapper

Great music does not always need to be revolutionary. Breaking new ground, so to speak. Sometimes, great music can be built with the building blocks of harmony, guitar and melody. Drawing from traditions of song and creating new ones. So, this is Blitzen Trapper and this is "Furr". The Portland band's fourth album is their Sub Pop debut and it is their most mature, consistent and rewarding release to date. Less frenetic and wild then previous albums, it sees the band becoming a classic American band, their Country roots seeping through. A 21st century The Band, if you like. Well, I like, muchly.

Thirteen tracks fill "Furr", sweet sonnets of humming guitars, gentle drumming and gorgeous melodies. "Sleepytime in the Western World" is a glowing start. Guitars twang and twitch, golden moments and honey dripping seconds. This band can still rock out though. "Gold For Bread" is a rollicking tune, chirping out quite loudly. The centrepiece though is the title track, the only song clocking in at over 4 minutes. It's a delightful and intoxicating journey into a land of back porches, fur coats, howling winds, rattlesnakes and wolves. Its wistful tone set perfectly to gently strummed guitars and blown harmonicas. Besides the gentle countryish tunes, the album also features the stomping hard "Fire & Fast Bullets" and the almost funky "Saturday Nite". Showing again, Blitzen Trapper's predilection for keeping things diverse. Another highlight is "Black River Killer", a dark tale of death and destruction backgrounded by an irresisitible melody. "War On Machines" is another track to savour, containing the band's trademark spirit and verve. The guitars positively sing to each other on this one. This album is truly a joy. And a triumph. Its unfettered and uncomplicated nature are quite endearing. It's music for all parts of the body. It will make you smile and dance and laugh, all at once, whilst giving great and considerable comfort to your heart and soul.

MP3: Furr-Blitzen Trapper


  • At October 20, 2008 , Blogger Ryan Egan said...

    I gotta agree with everything you said, it really is a high water mark for the band, less ragged, more glorious so to speak. I saw them play at a small venue in Washington with Fleet Foxes in April, and they what it takes to go places.

    Really dig your blog, keep up the good work! Ryan


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