Sep 21, 2008

Thinking Of Garry Shead...

Today we viewed this beautiful colour etching at an auction house viewing in Sydney. It's by Garry Shead, an Australian artist that I have grown to love quite intensely in recent months. There is a certain lopsided beauty and ultimate serenity to all his work. Now, I can not afford an oil painting by this artist, but an etching is within my reach. Decisions, decisions. We also saw a couple of quite stunning Charles Blackmans. Regrettably they are most definitely out of my price range. Probably always will be.

Besides Sheads and Blackmans, other things that make me happy-
Eating in a Japanese restaurant with my girl.
Visiting my mum for Saturday lunch.
Surprise birthday party for a friend.
Hawthorn winning (Not my team, but I wanted them to win).
Watching LSU beat Auburn.
Listening to "Furr".

MP3: Furr-Blitzen Trapper


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