Sep 16, 2008

Sunset Rubdown Begin New Tour-Play 4 Brand New Songs

This man is Spencer Krug. This man is a genius. This man's band is Sunset Rubdown. This man is the greatest thing to ever hit music. Doubt me, just watch him go. If his work with Wolf Parade and Swan Lake is not enough, then he is excelling to unknown heights with the creation that is Sunset Rubdown. The band just kicked off their latest tour on Monday night at the Middle East Club in Boston. The tour consists of 18 dates, ending in Chicago on October 4. After that, the hardest working man in music, will rejoin Wolf Parade for some more dates in the USA and Europe. In between all of this I would imagine Spencer will be recording a new album, that I would expect to see in 2009.

What did we learn from the concert? (I have just finished listening to a bootleg). Well, he does not like Sarah Palin. He also does not like people recording new songs on their phones and posting them on Youtube. Musically, the band played 4 brand new songs, their first ever live airings. The first one on the set list is simply stunning. There was also a new Swan Lake song. Plus, we also received 3 'new' songs that the band has been playing live for a while, but have not been recorded yet. Despite Spencer apologising for the band being a little rusty, the show was performed with admirable passion and fire. Oh, also, American audiences are just as noisy and rude as Australian ones. Probably even more so.

Sunset Rubdown Set List, Middle East Club, September 15 (as written)
Black Swan (My Heart is a Kingdom-NEW)
Funky (The Taming of the Hands That Came Back To Life)
Idiot Heart
Silver Moons
Sexy (Trumpet, Trumpet, Toot! Toot!)
You Go On Ahead
Water (Us Ones In Between)
Buffalo (NEW)
Jackie (NEW-Swan Lake song)
Mending (The Mending of the Gown)
Standing (Stadiums And Shrines II)
Dragon (NEW)

Winged/Wicked (Winged/Wicked Things)
Shut Up (Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings)

...All of this info courtesy of the Forums...


  • At September 18, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    well put. there's no one better than spencer. can't wait to see sunset rubdown and wolf parade in madison, wi.

  • At September 18, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I just saw them in Brooklyn, & thought it was a terrific show. Unfortunately some audience members were a bit of a pain, but that is to be expected here.

  • At October 23, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i hate american crowds. they're just rude. if you're not their to listen to the music, leave.

  • At October 27, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Could you send the bootleg my way?
    banana930 [at]


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