Sep 15, 2008

Stars Return To Australia

Exciting news time! Stars are returning to Australia! If you saw them earlier this year, their Spectrum show was outstanding, then I am sure you will coming back for more. If you missed out then, then make sure you do not miss out this time. Their show was one of the definite live highlights of 2008, in a year of amazing live music. Thankfully, their Sydney show is at The Factory, a relatively small venue, so the intimate nature of their music should have a suitable place to shine in. So far, there are only Sydney and Brisbane shows announced. Let's hope they will be playing other states as well.

Tour Dates
January 3-The Factory, Sydney
January 4-The Zoo, Brisbane

Tickets go on sale Friday, September 19.


  • At September 15, 2008 , Anonymous Jess said...

    Oh no, I'm going to miss out because I'll be overseas :(
    I hope Wolf Parade don't choose to tour here while I'm on holidays - if that happens, I'll be inconsolable!


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