Sep 24, 2008

The Moondoggies

Come a bit closer. Gather round. Let me tell you about a band, a very, very good band. Making music of the lifeblood. The Moondoggies. I know, it's a little silly, but their music is not. Led by 22 year old Kevin Murphy, this young four piece from the suburbs of Seattle make music that is full of spirit and heart and so, so easy to enjoy. They make music that is of no time and suited to any time. Why? Because they write good songs. Songs that rely on the old staples of soaring harmonies, thrusting guitars and humming organ lines.

"Don't Be A Stranger" is the band's debut album and it is sterling effort. It's a heady mix of rock, blues, soul and gospel. Combining to give you tunes that effortlessly stay in the memory. Songs that have you humming them long after the CD comes to an end. There is also a certain spirituality at work here, as evidenced in songs like "Ain't No Lord" and "Jesus On The Mainline". Then there is a bar room boogie element, as in the rocking "'Ol Blackbird". My definite favourite though is the hard charging, full force of nature that is "Changing". It's a glorious song. Other highlights include the strutting "Night & Day", the tranquil "Undertaker" and the sundrenched "Long Time Coming". Please welcome The Moondoggies into your home and your heart. Of course, this kind of music has been done before. But that's almost the point. It's because this is the best type of music. Songs containing spirit and verve, voices and guitars. Tongues and fingers. It's good, you know.

"Don't Be A Stranger can be purchased from Hardly Art.
MP3: Changing-The Moondoggies

The Moondoggies play on the Bremerton ferry in Seattle.


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