Sep 12, 2008

Jenny Lewis Album Due Soon

Count me as a Jenny Lewis fan, but not really a Rilo Kiley fan. I find myself a bigger fan of her Country stylings rather then her Pop outings. In 2006 Lewis released "Rabbit Fur Coat", an excellent album recorded with The Watson Twins. On September we see the release of "Acid Tongue", an album recorded with the help of M. Ward, Chris Robinson and Elvis Costello, amongst others. One to look forward to, definitely.

Acid Tongue Track Listing
1 Black Sand
2 Pretty Bird
3 Next Messiah
4 Bad Man's World
5 Acid Tongue
6 See Fernando
7 Godspeed
8 Carpetbaggers
9 Trying My Best To Love You
10 Jack Killed Mom
11 Sing a Song For Them

MP3: Acid Tongue-Jenny Lewis


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