Jul 9, 2008

Wolf Parade Kick Off North American Tour

It's started, ladies and gentlemen. Wolf Parade (GBOAT), have begun their 2008 North American tour. Monday night in Pontiac, Michigan they played at The Crofoot. It was their first show in nearly 10 months and their first since the release of LP 2 "At Mount Zoomer". The set list was predominantly drawn from that wonderful album, but they still played older gems including "Grounds For Divorce", which they had left off set lists last year. In the encore "I'll Believe in Anything" segued into "Fancy Claps", enough to make a grown man cry. I can't tell you a lot else about the show, except that Spencer wore shorts and Dan wore black. Oh, and Dante is still in the band, despite the photo above. They were playing Chicago on Tuesday night and will be touring for about another month. So, expect a month's worth of updates. And let's hope for a miracle and they tour Australia.

Wolf Parade, The Crofoot-Pontiac, Michigan 07/07/2008
Language City
Call It A Ritual
The Grey Estates
Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts
Soldier's Grin
An Animal In Your Care
Fine Young Cannibals
Grounds For Divorce
Shine A Light
California Dreamer
This Heart's On Fire
Kissing The Beehive

It's A Curse
I'll Believe In Anything
Fancy Claps


  • At July 10, 2008 , Anonymous Michael said...

    They dont seem to play Dinner Bells live, which is such a shame.


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