Jul 22, 2008

Two Silver Trees-New Song From Calexico

September 9 will see the release of a new Calexico album. "Carried To Dust" will be released by Touch And Go Records and is sure to be a highlight of 2008. The label has provided a preview of the new album in the shape of "Two Silver Trees". Please enjoy.

MP3: Two Silver Trees-Calexico

Carried To Dust Track Listing
1 Victor Jara's Hands
2 Two Silver Trees
3 The News About William
4 Sarabande In Pencil Form
5 Writer's Minor Holiday
6 Man Made Lake
7 InspiraciĆ³n
8 House of Valparaiso
9 Slowness
10 Bend To The Road
11 El Gatillo (Trigger Revisited)
12 Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)
13 Falling From Sleeves
14 Red Blooms
15 Contention City

I will be away in Melbourne for a few days for a little holiday. So, updates might be scarce around here for a few days.


  • At July 30, 2008 , Anonymous Nick said...

    Thanks for this Wayne. I've never been a Calexico fan, but 'Two Silver Trees' displays a whole new side to the band. I like it.


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