Jul 1, 2008

From Portland (City of Great Music) Comes News of Even More Greatness

One of Portland, Oregon's finest (and there are many) is releasing a new album in September on Sub Pop. Yes, those wild and wacky lads Blitzen Trapper are returning with a new album, following on from 2007's wonderful "Wild Mountain Nation". Only details so far is that the new platter is named "Furr". Thanks to You Ain't No Picasso, you can listen to the title track. Please go there now and listen to four minutes of gorgeous washed out country folk.

No music to listen to here, but I can tell you that Horse Feathers, yes from Portland too, will also be releasing a new album in September. Kill Rock Stars will be releasing "House With No Home", the band's second album. This follows up one of the best albums of 2006, "Words Are Dead", a haunting and quite incredible album that gets constant play in this household.

To give you an idea of the lyrical power of a Horse Feathers song, here are the words to a song from their debut album-

"In Our Blood"
There are things you tend to say when you're alone.
There are tones you tend to take when you're at home.
Let me be that thorn, thistle, or key. Let me prove you'll unlock just for me.
It's in your eyes we fail to even try. It's in our blood to watch each day go by.
It's in our times young men they're living on dimes.
It's on our minds to put our hands to throats.
There are things you tend to say when you're alone.
There are tones you tend to take when young hearts are broke.


  • At July 02, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for posting the Horse Feather lyrics. I had heard of them, but never got round to listening to them properly until now. The 'Words are Dead' album is very beautiful!


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