Jul 20, 2008

Colette-Langhorne Slim

I have heard the word joy a lot in the last week. Joy, joy, joy. Supposedly World Youth Day (doesn't it sound like some Orwellian creation?) was all about joy. To me it was a totally unnecessary invasion of our city by people that really depress me. They depress me because I was hoping that in the year 2008 we would have moved way past ancient superstitions and ceremonies based on pomp and circumstance without any true meaning. I would hope that the 'youth' of this world would perhaps realise that just maybe the world is about science and humanity and not a belief that defies any singular form of logic. That it is actually possible to be a good and caring decent human being without devoting a life to prayer and unrelenting dogma. That it is not a 'great occasion' to trample all over our fair city with flags as clothing and lanyards swinging stupidly. What the hell ever happened to quiet contemplation?

Anyway, the events of the past week (wasn't it to last a day?) did not represent joy to me.
The following represent joy to me-
Celebrating a family member's birthday.
Waking up in the arms of a loved one.
Seeing whales swim in the ocean.
Meeting new people (that don't have flags tattooed on their faces).
Discovering new music (see Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson).
Hearing Will Sheff sing.
Feeling the warm sun on your back.
A live music experience.
A Paul Thomas Anderson film.

Oh, and the above. Langhorne Slim performing "Colette". He brings joy.
And I can do all of the above without ever going inside a church...


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