Jun 20, 2008

The War On Drugs

Don't worry, this is not a community service announcement. But rather, a recommendation. One I received by reading Pop Headwound. The War on Drugs are a band from Philadelphia, led by songwriter and singer Adam Granduciel. Their music is quite special, walls of guitars and great melodies. A classic sound, just made for 2008. You can actually download their first EP "Barrel of Batteries" for free right here. Thanks to Secretly Canadian. It is excellent. If you like that, then you might like their debut album "Wagonwheel Blues", which is released this week.

MP3: Taking The Farm-The War On Drugs

Off to see The Black Keys this Saturday at the Manning Bar. Should be great. They always are.

Oh, and congratulations to the Boston Celtics for winning Championship 17 this week. Having seen this franchise go through a 22 year drought, it was very special to see them win another championship. Plus, Paul Pierce was Finals MVP! Even better.


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